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Energy Savings California not only does solar but we also install windows & doors. Our motto is “Reduce Before You Produce”, therefore we find there is a huge loss of energy thru doors and windows. In some cases we find it necessary to replace certain items in a home before a solar installation takes place. After being in the construction industry for 31 years it became clear to me that energy efficiency i.e.; solar and building performance programs are the absolute best home improvement anyone can facilitate for their home. Not only do these programs change people’s lives by saving them money, the improvements often make the customer’s home more comfortable, not to mention they can improve indoor air quality. These programs are amazing!! I can literally put money back into my client’s pockets. It was very gratifying to me to know that I could save people hundreds of dollars a month just by putting money into their home instead of giving their money to t heir utility company. Finally, these programs WILL reduce our carbon footprint and thus we become environmentally responsible.